Lifestyle | The Flexible Working Campaign

It wasn’t too long ago I was contacted to take part in the powwownow flexible working campaign to get us thinking and moving in between hours at a computer desk.

Whilst I can be pretty slack and happy to sit in a chair all day, there are moments after staring a screen for a couple of hours straight, that I need to get my head out and into some clean air.

One thing I always make time for is a quick stroll around the block to get a little fresh air. Fast paced or casual stroll, it gets me a little peace as well as de-clutter from a busy morning.

I also love to have a good stretch at my desk. My neck always seems to get cranky after a couple of hours being hunched over my key board. Its vital to keep your back straight and your posture correct. It might feel a little strange, but pushing your chest out and rolling your shoulders back is the ideal posture.

Finally I always jog up and down any stairs I stumble across at work. One of my offices has a nice flight of stairs to get up just for a cup of tea so I’m always making sure I’m running up those whenever I am parched.

I think its easy to stay fit when you’re in a job that restricts you to a desk. What do you do whilst at work to keep yourself flexible? Will you be doing any of the tips I have mentioned?
Let me know and comment below!

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