Lifestyle | Fifteen Things I’ve learnt when looking at buying a home

Lifestyle | Fifteen Things I’ve learnt when looking at buying a home

Buying a home is a daunting and massive committment. I hardly feel adult like to be even talking about mortgages, let alone actually applying for one. This is something I should have been taught in school, rather than poxy algebra. 

Anywho, since I’m probably not the first, neither the last to be applying for a mortgage first time and be freaking the hell out about it, I thought I’d let you in on some secrets you’ll discover.

Everything is expensive, yes everything! Home shopping is all hunky dory when searching for cushions, but there’s not point in those if you don’t have a bloody sofa, and they don’t come free, nor cheap!

There are a lot of questions to ask and answer. I am a journalist so I tend to ask a lot anyway. But my god is there a lot to know and ask when buying your own home. Have a pen and paper to hand and be prepared to keep calling and asking.

Do your research. There is only so far you’ll get without doing some homework too. Look into all the latest schemes and help that you could be entitled to, and read about everything that could help make the process that little bit smoother.

Don’t be afraid to ask ‘stupid’ questions. No question is stupid, even if you think it is. First time buyers don’t know everything, and its easy for mortgage advisers and those alike to quickly forget this. If you’re not 100% on something, ask.

There are plenty of decisions! I didn’t think planning flooring and deciding colour schemes could be so god damn time consuming and such hard work. How many different shades of dark laminate can there be!!

There will be disputes. Yes, there have been plenty of disagreements whilst we decide on furniture and the general basics that come with buying your own place. Dark floor / light floor, carpet / laminate, round table / square table. Oh it goes on!

You have to prove everything. It doesn’t just do saying you have the money, you have to prove it and more. Payslips, bank statements and anything else that comes to hand when spending money. I have never been so ashamed that I shop in New Look!

Nothing will prepare you for the worry . It sounds silly but I have never been more nervous or self doubting then when applying for a mortgage. Its one of the biggest debts I will be in, and willingly too, so It was only natural to feel it wouldn’t work out, or be a option.

It takes a while to believe. Even though the monthly payments are rolling, and I receive post as a homeowner, its still pretty hard to believe that I can be a homeowner!! I’m not quiet sure when I’ll shake that feeling!

Its one my biggest achievements, despite having graduated university, and been published, the sense of achievement I have owning my own place rises above all the rest!

You’ll have too many ideas. One minute you think the colour scheme will be this, and then it changes. Same with the layout, and the style of table you prefer and everything else come to think of it.

Trips to IKEA will occur all the time! There are never too many times you can hunt in Ikea and even the website. There will always be something else you’ll find that will work or that will look better.

There will always be something you didn’t think of. Whether it be the toaster, kettle, duvet cover, towels or even a fridge! Be prepared to miss something. A good tip would be to walk round your parents home and think of everything you use day to day and create a list from that!

The idea of living without Sky or Broadband is inconceivable. Many have to wait to have theirs installed, but me and my partner have skipped the lack of The Walking Dead and Facebook scrolling by booking early and moving in after! I never thought I’d be someone who wouldn’t consider moving in without, but turns out I am!

Its the best decision I ever made. Through all the madness, it has turned out to be the best decision I have made to date. I now can officially say I have my own place, and I am on the property ladder everyone says is so hard to get on to! I have a secure future ahead, and I can now start to feel more like a adult. I have finally moved into somewhere, with someone I completely adore, and I couldn’t be happier!

Have you moved into your own home? Do you have any tips you think should be on this list? As always, comment below. I love reading all your opinions!

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