A Spring wedding outfit brainstorm

A Spring wedding outfit brainstorm

Hello lovelies,

You may have skimmed through my latest weekly update and heard I’m heading to the first of 3 weddings of the year next weekend. 

I love weddings, but I hate figuring out what to wear, so I’m brainstorming, and pretty late – ekk.

Its fairly common for me to leave things to the last minute, but since I was looking, and next day delivery is a option (all hail that invention), I thought I could get a second opinion, or a few.

I hit my favourite online store ASOS and hail the fashion lords for their wedding filter because I found some absolute gems.

Click on the pics for the webpage









I am in love with the Spring style that is avalible this year, and with another few weddings upcoming, and plenty of summer activites that would suit these attires, I’m not sure I can contain myself to just one.

I won’t let you know what is my favourite, I’ll let you tell me yours, but I wouldn’t mind wearing any of these next weekend.

What do you think? Have you got any upcoming weddings you’re preparing for? Let me know and comment below!

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