Afternoon in Lewes – Eating at Bills & Antique Shopping

Hello friends,

Hope Thursday is treating you all very well. This weather is gorgeous, yet its not kicking this flu into touch whatsoever *sad face*.

Fortunatly, I was well enough yesterday to venture to Lewes in East Sussex, so here we are, my little adventure.

Despite only living 20mins away from the historic town, I don’t really visit much, so I was excited to spend some quality time with my mum and sister, as well as mooch through the cobbled streets.

We didn’t have a greatttt start to the day.

We were involved in a minor accident on the way. Everyone was fine, but it was a little shock to the system , so first stop was a family favourite – Bills for a cold drink and a meal, I think we deserved it!

If you’ve ever been to Bills, you’ll understand the attraction. The mother ship is the Lewes branch, so it only seems right to pop in for a munch whilst visiting. 
Mid-morning snacking hadn’t fufilled us, so lunch was the way to go, and I went for the chicken ceasar salad (to feel like I’m sticking to my diet)
After the pit stop we got to the exciting stuff, and popped in every antique and charity shop avaliable. Lewes is known for its array of charity and antique shops all offering gorgeous retro pieces guaranteed to add characted to any home.
Looking at all the nick nacks, old classic furnishings and furniture has become a new love for me. Nostalgia sparks when finding something similar to that of any grandparents as well as inspiration on what can be incorporated into my new home. I am always looking for ways to add a bit of ‘retro’ to my new place, since everything which has been bought so far is brand new. 
Old trinkets and traditional styled furniture can add more character than anything Ikea bought (I still love you Ikea!!)

Since pay day was today (a day after needed, of course), I didn’t have much to spend, so the trip was more of a creativity boost more than anything.
It was a trip down memory lane for us all, as well as a much needed break from feeling poorly and house bound.

Watch this space, as I’m sure in the next couple of weeks I will be purchasing some key pieces inspired by this antique wander. Of course I have to get bae’s approval before finalising anything *sigh*. 

Have you ever been to Lewes? Have you been oon antique runs for your home? What should I incorporate into my home?

Let me know and comment below!


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