Food | Ideal Meal – American Supreme

Food | Ideal Meal – American Supreme

Hello lovelies,

Its been a while since I have done a ideal meal post, however there are plenty of more that I loveeee to eat, and have been indulging in since creating my own menus!

Everyone loves a good american burger & shake, so what a perfect meal if you have both, as well as some good old american sides too!

There is nothing better than a all american burger filled with plenty of cheese, a rash of bacon and plenty of relish!! 
Click on the link to see the recipe I used just this weekend – Delish!! 
Who doesn’t love good old onion rings beside a perfect burger!! I love battered onion rings, and this receipe again makes it easy to make in the comfort of your own home.
Click the link to see the recipe.
The combo of a good meaty burger and a smooth rich milkshake cannot be compared. Whether you slurp between bites or save till the end, its the perfect way to end a great american meal! 
Click on the link to read the easy peasy recipe that will give you a perfect milkshake every time!
This meal is one I love when I am in need for comfort food in wake of a hard week at work. 
Is it something you would make? As always, let me know and comment below! Stay tuned for some more ideal meals!
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