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Hair is a big deal and I think all us girls would agree it makes a hell of a difference to your look if your hair is on point!

A couple of years ago I made the huge mistake in having my locks chopped and I have been desperately trying to grow it back to decent length ever since. Whilst my hair is classed as ‘long’, naturally it doesn’t cover my nipples so I tend to disagree in that statement.

Hair extensions have always been a option, and yet I have never plucked up the courage to spend a good amount of money for some. God why didn’t I?!

I was lucky enough to be approached by irresistible me hair extensions and given the chance to order and try some of theirs, and my are they good!

Whilst the pictures don’t do them justice, I am surprised at the weight of the extensions, or lack of should I say. In your box of extenions you recieve ten wefts :

x1 4 clip weft
x2 3 clip wefts
x5 2 clip wefts
x2 1 clip wefts
x3 extra clips

I have been wearing my extensions on and off now for over 2months, and despite feeling like everyone could tell I had a whole head of extensions in, all I recieved was amazement at the colour match and how well they suited me.

I am still yet to wash (oops, I really should, but I just can’t be bothered), they are still keeping their quality and have yet to feel ratty or tired.

My only complaint would be, they can be a little tight on your scalp after a whole day of wear, but not enough to put you off wearing.

 What do you think? Have you tried these extensions. As always, I love reading your comments!

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