Weekly Update #3 Moving Out

Weekly Update #3 Moving Out

Good Morning Lovelies,

What a quiet couple of weeks from me on the blogging front. Not only has blogging come second place, but so has many other things like wearing nice clothes, relaxing in a bath or even applying make up!

The last couple of weeks have been MANIC, and although I have been talking of moving for a good couple of months, I can happily say I have officially moved in, and I now believe I could build anything IKEA has to offer!!

Flooring has been fitted, towels have been bought, Sky has been installed and Broadband is activated! Everything I could possibly need is in one place that I happily call home.

Having bought a 2 bed apartment, we do however have a pile or two to sort, and the guest bed is in no fit order to house guests just yet! But we are plodding along and learning the ways of fitting shelves and hanging pictures.

Whilst the desk is still un-assembled, and my laptop is still balancing on my lap whilst watching Friends, I welcome you back to my blog with hopefully more regular and more exciting blog posts than just a update on house moving shenanigans.

I will point out however, be prepared for more interior originated posts as I delve further into the world of being a homeowner!

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