Weekly Update – The Bank holiday madness & a week off

Weekly Update – The Bank holiday madness & a week off


Firstly, TUESDAY you sexy minx!!!

A 4day weekend was much needed, but thanks to the onset of flu, me and bae have been sniffling, coughing and sneezing. But that didn’t scupper our efforts to eat all chocolate in reach.

Oh boy did we!

Anywhoooo, as I sip on Ribena & Honey and nurse this ragingggg headache that makes me feel like I’ve binged on Vodka cranberry for 4 days, I delve into the rest of the week and what it has in store.

Since moving out of home, me and my mum try and plan good ways to spend quality time together, and this week involves charity & antique shopping in Lewes.

I’m somewhat of a old lady and thoroughly enjoy mooching around and trying to find some good old bargains, and so does mum so hey we’ll eat some good food and find some novels I can line my bookcase with!

Next weekend is the first of many weddings I will be attending this year, so the latter part of the week will be dicated to spending plenty on a perfect outfit. I love the sound of a spring wedding, when rain is NOT forcast. Darn you British weather!

Beside shopping and eating I plan to squat a little more and gain some fitness. I need to undo the 3 ice buns I just consumed, and don’t get me started on the train wreck of carbs I gobbled this weekend.

Ohhh, btw I’m getting back into my cooking grove and watching the latest Masterchef so I’m sure I will share some recent meals, keep your eyes peeled!

What does your 4 day week entail? Have you been to Lewes? I’m sure I’ll take pics so watch out for some insta snaps!

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