Lifestyle | A couple of things

Lifestyle | A couple of things

ITS SATURDAY – aaaannnndddddd I’m working -_-

it is saturday and mostly its good vibes even if you have to work. I
don’t know why but there is just a good aura – everyone’s happy! 

Home Vibes by charlotte-carter-23 featuring a battery alarm clock

Its payday, somewhere, and I’m still on the hunt for beautiful things for my apartment. I have a little book area in the hall of my apartment, but I can’t help but look at these gorgeous book ends. They would be ideal on my shelf above my desk! 
We also have so many wall space that still needs to be filled, and I love the idea of a world map. I have looked at soo many online and this by far is my favourite. 
I have been having so many naps of late, sometimes after work just before dinner, to give me a extra kick so I can stay up past ten!!
Its been noted on how many naps I have, so a cushion that highlights it seems perfect for me.  
Its only a little collection of what I have been eyeing up. Let me know your thoughts, I always love reading your comments. 

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