A little history – A old mental hospital

A little history – A old mental hospital

Afternoooooooooooon, and what a glorious one it is too.

As we enter Friday afternoon of what has been a rather short week, I shed a tear or two because next week its all back to normal, and that means work *sigh*. 
But thats not before a heavy weekend, as you may know but I’m attending my first wedding of the year tomorrow.

I had a complete mare with my outfit after ordering online, it being too small resulting in a little five year old style strop and a little winging because obviously I’m too fat.
After shopping in my basically crap town centre, I ended up ordering the same dress in a size up and now I can sigh with relief as obviously it now fits and looks great and I don’t really know why I flapped so much in the first place……..urgh.

Be sure to keep an eye out on my insta feed because I will post the dress of my choice, along with a few snaps from the big day.

Anywhoooooo, since I’ve been in my apartment for nearly 3 weeks (god thats gone fast), I have started to explore the local area recently and I wanted to share a couple of snaps with you.

You might be able see in the above snap, but I am surrounded by some gorgeous forrests, fields and ponds which makes for a great stroll on a afternoon like today.

In case you didn’t know, but I’ve moved into a new build, on site of a old mental hospital. Usually this aspect would freak the crap out of me, but since moving in I have been researching the place alot more and have become really intrigued.

My actual building is a exact replica of the orginal building that was here when it was a fully functioning hospital, so when I began to research I was a little taken aback.

There are still some aspects of the hospital around, including a church and some other out buildings which you’ll see aspects of all around when going for a little wander.

Over the last couple of days off, I have been getting some much needed fresh air (to try and kick this flu into touch), and have started to fall in love with my new home.

There are some fabulous walks, some gorgeous scenery and some places that I really feel like I need to explore!

I have never been so close to so much woodland and greenery. my inner child is screaming at all the adventures that are yet to come over the next couple of months.

Ooooo I must end here because the boyf will be arriving anytime now and I haven’t actually scrubbed in the disinfectant that I sprayed aimlessly all over the bathrooms in the hope they will clean themselves.

Make sure you check back, as I’m sure I will be posting plenty of pics. If you wanted to know more about where I live or Hellingly Hosiptal, just click here. There are some pretty cool pictures to see.

What do you think? Is it somewhere you would like to stroll around? Let me know and comment below.

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