Fashion | Bomber Jacket loving

Fashion | Bomber Jacket loving
Bomber Jackets are something I have been eyeing up for the last couple of weeks. I have tried several and fee like I look like a underage girl trying to hard to look cool. 
But as we venture into the warmer weather, the bomber jacket seems to be vamping up in style and I can’t help but be thankful I didn’t buy one sooner. 
I have been trawling the web as per to filter down some of my fav bomber jackets from my highstreet home delievers.
I loveeeeee the Grey bomber. Being a favourite colour of mine, and different from the original green (which I have farr too much in my wardrobe right now), I am swaying towards a different coloured bomber aside from the usual.

I want my bomber to be a statement piece this season, and something I can pair with a good ripped jean, over the top of my favourite hoody or teamed with short denim shorts and flip flops.

I can’t decide which is my favourite, but I know I’d be happy with one if not all in my wardrobe this season!

Whats your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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