Lifestyle | Confessions 101

Lifestyle | Confessions 101

Hello friends,

Everyone has a confession…. or two. Whilst these are in no way past the mark or anything that would be mildly juicy enough for Jezza Kyle, I thought it’ll do me good to share them with someone.

I don’t think I’d be alone in feeling some if not most of these, and it can feel rather lonely if you don’t share some of your fears with someone – sorry lovelies, today its you! 

P.S – Some of these maybe similar to those of a earlier post of mine which can be found here.
  • I am terrified of being let down; friends seem to all the time so why wouldn’t I be. 
  • I can’t decide if uni was a good decision or bad one. 
  • I don’t put enough effort into my friends – I’m too lazy socially. 
  • I don’t really know where I am going career wise, and that scares me, ALOT! 
  • I probably should be more girlie, and wear less trackies, but they’re just so comfy.
  • If im having a bad day, I watch kids channels. My favourites are classic Tom & Jerry and Spongebob. 
  • Its often I have high expectations to a day off and am dissapointed when I haven’t achieved much in my day. 
  • I want to own & run my own buisness in the future. I rather like the idea of a restraunt! 
  • I am terrible at spelling. Literally terrible. Its actually rather embarrassing. 
  • I care farrrr to much about everyone liking me. 
  • I really like Basketball. Ever since my boyfriend made me watch it I have become a Golden State Warriors Fan. I even have a Steph Curry jersey. 
  • I love cooking and am always trying to be fancy with my food.
  • I watch everything to do with food – my fav show at the mo is Master Chef. 
  • I haven’t actually read a whole Harry Potter book – I plan to change that soon. 
  • The idea of the future both excites and scares the crap out of me. 
  • Despite having a journalism degree and done a whole unit on TV journalism and presenting, I am crap infront of the camera. You won’t find me on youtube any time soon. 
  • I had a strange crush on Proffessor Lupen in the Harry Potter movies. Not the actor, just the character. 
  • I have watched Gordon Ramsays kitchen nightmares series atleast 3 times – they’re just so dramatic!
  • The amount of Olive oil Jamie Oliver uses annoys the hell out of me. 
  • Football players shouldn’t exsist. They cry over a stepped on foot and most believe they’re god. Only Davide Beckham deserves that right! 
Am I alone on any of these? I didn’t want to bore you all too much so these are just a few of my confessions. Do you have any you’d like to leave in the comments? I love hearing from you all!

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