Lifestyle | Easy like a Sunday morning

Lifestyle | Easy like a Sunday morning

Sunday’s are so quick to come around, it’s rather upsetting. I’ve been staring at a calendar for like an hour figuring out how to spend the remaining 13 days I can book until poxy December, I hate having a teacher for my other half. But you know, there are two bank holiday weekends in May –hallelujah!

As a unfortunate individual who’s weekends simply consist of Sundays since Saturdays include working too, so Sunday’s have a special place in my heart.

Its been a pretty hectic week as usual – work is manic and so seems everything else in my life. The spare room looks just like it did when we first moved in, and my apartment is far from the pinterest worthy dream world I thought it would be already. It seems food,bills and paying for Sky takes a lot out of the IKEA fund *sigh*. 

This Sunday has kicked off in usual fashion, having had my new favourite frozen pancakes you pop in the toaster lathered in Nutella with a couple of strawberries for decoration more than anything.

Yet, this afternoon entails a lug round the usual homeware stores in search for cheap and cheerful home touches and inspiration, to bring our apartment up to the standard we so hoped would already be present.

I’m so fed up of looking at bare walls, and not having enough buddha heads or fake plants to display on shelves, so on our shopping list are plenty of warm ornaments, sprinkled with artificial planters, wall art and general objects that will satisfy my urge to make my apartment feel more like home.

What does your Sunday include? Are you sprucing up your home? Start some chatter and comment below!

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