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Take me out

Take me out by charlotte-carter-23 featuring a leather purse

Its not often I go out anymore. 
I’m getting old and to be honest, the thought of clubbing with boys five years younger touching my bum is not my idea of fun. 
Clubbing may not be my scene any longer, but bars have become my new favourite on a night out.

Some good back ground music, a sex on the beach or two and your favourite people all chatting and laughing in your local bar is the ideal night out for me.

And this outfit will be perfect. With the inbetween weather currently attacking the UK, long sleeves on a night out is ideal so your neither freezing your tits off, or too hot your perfect make-up that took 3 hours to complete, is melting off your face.

With the right accessories, and a leather jacket, this outfit will look the right amount of style in case you stumble into a night club after far too many woo woo’s!

Is this something you’d wear? Let me know in the comments below!

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