Fashion | Hello OOTD

Fashion | Hello OOTD

Hello by charlotte-carter-23 featuring a cow mug

Well Hello, 

I don’t usually post two days in a row, but it’s Friday and I’m feeling generous.

Its rainy and the suns gone and so has my mood.
Its the weekend – finally, but I’m working tomorrow and there is a whole lot of food shopping to buy and bills to pay and my boyfriend is out watching football and I’m curled up in sloutchies catching up on Master chef- meh. 
I’m feeling the set of summer is returning. Pics of bikinis, sunglasses on top of heads and rosy cheeks from running around in a little bit of heat. I actually wake up with a smile despite going to work, because the sun just makes everything better.

So. the burst of sunshine gave me this little collection.

Grey is my all time fav colour and despite it being tied to rainy days, it will most defiantly be making a appearance in my summer wardrobe! Despite being ‘summer’, English weather is poor so its always handy to have a jumper – it’s known to suddenly down pour here! 
I’m really getting into my bold lips, so this summer I aim to step up my game and have plenty of bold colours and shades to suit every attire.
Of course you can’t go wrong with a oversized t-shirt in the heat with bulky shades and a nice white watch to go with tanned skin!

What do you think of this lil collection? Any favourite pieces? Let me know and comment below! 
Hope you’re all ready for the weekend!! 

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