Beauty | My Collection stash

Beauty | My Collection stash
I am a beauty lover who loves nothing better than finding a good old bargain. I’m not too keen on buying the expensive brands for products that don’t make that much difference if their expensive or cheap!
Eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers all fall into that category for me. 

I have been buying collection eye shadows  for a while now, and I am stunned at the quality for the price. Their range of shades suits every occasion and are long lasting. There are plenty of sets that can create your ideal smoky eye, or subtle shade for a day at work.

Since their eye shadows impressed me so much, I thought I’d venture into some of their other products. I love sets that give you everything you need under one lid.

Blush & Glow
Contouring is a new hobby of mine, and since my last contour kit smashed – oh the tragedy, I needed a replacement and thought I’d try my new fav brand. Complete with bronzer, highlighter and two blushers, its prefect for a quick top up and the base layer for a day away. The bronzer is the perfect shade, and whilst the highlighter isn’t the best around, it does the job for a more subtle look.
The two blushers complement the bronzer and highlighter really well, making it my go to palette when wanting a subtle, ‘I haven’t contoured, this is just my face’ look!

Conceal & Light like a pro 
I don’t tend to conceal as much as I probably should. I suffer from dark circles under the eyes and scaring from pubescent spots (lets not lie here, I still get spots, it never ends). I am a lazy bugger in the morning, so tend to skip the concealing and jump straight to the foundation.
I’m also a little uneducated on what green does, and yellow doesn’t, so you know.

However, this nifty little palette of mine has what’s best to use on what, when to apply and everything else in between for a little uneducated mind like myself. I know make a little more effort and conceal every little scar, circle and red spot and my god does it make a difference. Its easy to apply and blend with any foundation and fairly long lasting too.

All in all, Collection has exceeded all expectations. With products easy to use, and at a price not worthy to break the bank, I’m always looking out for new palettes that will make life easier, and combine products together to make the most perfect kit.

Do you use collection for your make-up needs? Any kits or palettes I should give a try? As always, let me know and comment below!

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