My week on insta #1

My week on insta #1

Hello to all my pals.

I’ve been trying to get better at taking pictures ( in case you hadn’t noticed)  and so my instagram account has flourished in new pictures and recent updates – yayy me, soz for bugging and spamming the hell out of you if you follow me! 

I have been trying very hard to get into the routine of being more ‘social’ on my accounts, so its a bloody good sign If I have enough recent pics to fill up a whole post.

I’ll work from left to right, top to bottom yeah? Okay!

1: I organise food! This was something I mentioned in passing like a month before moving in with my boyfriend, and the fact that it has lasted the whole month we have lived together is a miracle. Lunches can include pasta orrrr pasta!

2: Breakfast fruit topper. I go shopping on my own. I do scan and shop and last week it hinted to me I had spent a little to little for my liking. I was down the frozen aisle and rather strangely, instead of reaching for the Ben&Jerrys, I grabbed this. I’m so glad I did. Sooo tasty and obviously its good for you. I naturally picked up Ben&Jerrys after, since it would be rude not to; it was on deal!

3: Healthy living & work. This rather helpfully ties in the fact I am preparing breakfast and lunch for work and at a healthier rate too. Yogurt, musili & fruit for breakfast and pasta salad for lunch. Hello beach bod!

4: Not so healthy chocolate. Hmm didn’t think this through. Its not healthy but it was a good bargain pick up at Tesco again. £1.75 for a pack of 7, why not!

5: Multi-tasking. I have been multi-tasking a lot of late and since my boyfriend is into horrid F1, Sundays usually result in blogging and netflix binge in my room in the sun, atleast until the cars have stopped driving in circles.

6: £1 nails – yess please! I have been dying to get my nails done, but cannot be bothered to make small talk for hours whilst they’re applied. When on a little Primark haul, I spotted these beauties. At £1 a pop I thought why the hell not, and I’m so glad I did! Love love love!!

7: Walks in the sun. After Lewis Hamilton didn’t win – lol, Sunday gave us gorgeous weather to walk around our local pond. Shame there was no ice cream to accompany the sun but I’m not complaining.  I love where I live!

8: POPCORN! I promise I’m not plugging Tesco. Since weight watching has begun, popcorn has been my savior. Hits the sweet spot and barely any calories. Thank god for POPCORN!

9: Bill. Ah Bill. If you do follow me on Instagram you would notice this chap and his book have been making regular appearances in my pictures since its my new read. Bedtime reading and pre-nap bursts are what get me through the day. Since its a brief history of nearly everything, I feel I’m learning a fair bit too!!

I will try and keep my feed pretty and tumblr worthy. If you haven’t, you can always give me a follow. Have you tried any of the products I’ve pictured? Let me know and comment below. 

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