Food | Pasta is life- Some recipes

Food | Pasta is life- Some recipes
Pesto Pasta is my all time fav food. Easy simple and a quick tummy filler and a real crowd pleaser with my boyfriend after a long day at work. All of the above applies to all my favourite foods, especially when I have to cook.

There is nothing better than a meal thats easy, quick and super tasty so I thought I’d compile together some of my fav easy pasta that I make when works been tough or I just having a lazy day (which is every day!). 
1 cup of fusilli  
Jar of pesto 
Cherry tomatoes
Beetroot slices 
Mature, grated cheese. 
Don’t be too shy with the pesto sauce, nor the cheese or anything else actually. Add some chicken for more of a meal and make plenty for tomorrow’s lunch – its even nicer cold! 
Chilled carbonara sauce
Garlic cheesy bread for side 
This is the lazy way to make everyones favourite creamy pasta dish. Chilled sauces can be found in most supermarkets and make it that much quicker. Make sure you season the bacon and mushrooms, and keep a ladle or two left of the starchy water to add to the sauce. It makes it easier to stir and adds a little more flavour. 
Pre-packed stuffed tortellini 
Pasta Bake sauce
Plenty of cheese 
This happened by accident. No need to boil the tortellini. Just place in a large shallow dish and cover with pasta bake sauce, water and mix. Scatter a layer or cheese, bake for 40 mins and bob’s your uncle, a filling and easy take on the stuffed pasta, and it tastes much better than usual! 

These are just a few that have occurred this week alone. Pesto pasta is a staple in my lunch box and makes the perfect lunch time pleaser.

Have you got any pasta favourites I should try? Let me know and comment below.

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