Pin, pin, pinningggggg #1

Pin, pin, pinningggggg #1


Its Sunday evening and although its still bright an I love it, I also hate it because quiet frankly who likes Sunday evenings when you know you have to head back to work tomorrow – urghhhhhhhhhh.

Back to topic – I have been brainstorming over the last couple of days and have come to the conclusion that whilst I have creativity, my blog can flourish in posts, however I seem to hit creative blocks and so the posting comes to a hault – dohhhh.

So is born more blog series including my favourites from my fav app of all time and one I can never leave alone – Pinterest. I’m always on it, im always pinning and im always referring to it so why not blog about it.

Latest in my fashion board…… 

It maybe looking warmer with bursts of sunshine, however it is still rather chilly here in the UK. My motivation to look sassy comes and goes and recently it hasn’t be all that there. Slouchy tees and baggy trousers are all I reach for at the mo, so the last picture here looks just about perfect.

I love the, ‘I just rolled out of bed and shoved anything on, its not my fault I look flawless look’ and I haven’t managed to nail it yet, so I have been seeking some inspo on how to pull it off perfectly.

One thing for sure, I need some dungarees for summer!

In my home board……

Well, home has been the hot topic for a good couple of months so its no surprise my home board has been updated more so than others.  I love the clean white look, and with a study area to organise, a spare bedroom to consider and a dining table to pick and order, I have been scrolling through every consideration.

I’m thinking a clutter free study corner, light airy guest room & a kitchen table that supports friends and family.

Everything else…..

I have been trying to tone down my make-up since I hate the ‘caked on’ look and would prefer to adopt the natural look. Oh I wish I had better skin!
I’m so lazy when it comes to jewlerry and my hair, and am always surprised when I buy a new necklace and how much difference it can make to your outfit. I’m starting to shop a little more and consiously look for small dainty pieces that can be worn everyday, as well as look for more ways to style my hair easily. I love the high bun but there are only so many times you can wear it in a week.
Oh and there’s a sneaky snap to my wedding board. Yes its secret, and no I’m not even engaged, but since wedding has been on the agenda alot lately I have been bouncing ideas around, with myself.
You never know when those secret wedding boards will come in handy you know!! 

And thats about ittttttt. Considering how much time I waste on Pinterest, I believe this will be a regular blog series.

Let me know what you think, is it something you’d like to see regularly?

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