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Home | Some new home buys


There is nothing better than having a home that feels polished and comfy. My apartment has been feeling a little bare, and since moving in and the flap of building furnitue we needed, the idea of more flat pack, alan keys and screw drivers were a no go.

Thanks to the month or so break from building and buying, we got our inspiration back and have been on the biggest mission ever to get our home in tip top condition before we start the house warmings and movie nights with family and friends.

If you follow me on insta you’d know Im currently blogging from my new table that took nearly two hours to make- but y’know something, I did it all alone and I’m proud!

Apart from the new table, there are some other additions to our apartment that I’m excited to share with you lovelies!

Service with a smile- The Range
Its always ideal to have a window over the sink of your kitchen, but thats always possible, so having something pretty was the other alternative. Our rails and planters looked a little lonely up there, so we bought this. Its rather fitting, and incorporates the browns and woods that can be found throughout. It even has lightbulbs in the corners!

Arrow Wall Art – The Range
Our walls are white and we are ‘unable’ to paint since its a new build, so this really makes the most of our bland walls! I saw it and instantly fell in love with it, as again it ties in all the shades we have been injecting into the room.

There are plenty more little bits and pieces that I’ve bought over the last couple of days, but I didn’t want to hit you with them all, plus its still a little messy in parts.

What do you think? Would you buy either of these products? Start some chatter and comment below! 

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