Weekly update – Feeling sorry for myself.

Weekly update – Feeling sorry for myself.

Everyone okay?
Seems like everyone around me feels as bad as me.
Runny noses, tickly coughs and sharp throats.
MY GOD I HATE BEING ILL. I hate it more so when it makes me feel sorry for myself.

Sorry this weekly update isn’t going to be as churpy as the usual, but as it goes I’m not feeling like bouncing off the walls this week.

I’ve gone back to work after a chilled week off followed by a heavy weekend travelling for a wedding. Nothing seems to stop and as always with days off, you go back to your desk realising that work doesn’t either, and you’ve actually got a mountain to climb which consists of catching up and paper work.

Sundayz are lazy dayz and consists of washing duty, abit of catch up tv and plentyyyy of pjs. Dinner is a frozen pie (yess my lazy even effects my cooking on weekends like this) with frozen veg. Yeah its still as healthy if its frozen, and so much easier to cook.   

This weekend as always has gone as quick as ever, and I’m hoping by some miracle to wake tomorrow being right back at the start of today.

What does your lazy sunday consist of? Maybe its not lazy? Let me know and comment below! 

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