Weekly update | Future thinking

Weekly update | Future thinking

Its Saturday afternoon, work is done and Sunday is on the horizon. There is nothing better than the rest of the weekend stretched in front of you!

Over the last couple of weeks, the future has been a hot topic personally. My job is steady and being in my own home and paying a mortgage is becoming more of the norm.

As we settle into daily life of washing, cleaning, cooking and eating, there are many questions from family and friends on what the future entails for us.
I don’t think I’m the only 20 something who recieves endless amounts of questions and queries regarding the future once you reach the age when engagement rings and baby bumps are a usual, and its even more so when everyone else around you is doing it.

Friends are getting married, others engaged, some have babies, others have ones on the way. Its rather expected for you to do the same.

I have known my boyfriend for over 5 years and we hit it off right away. Timing wasn’t right and we remained friends for just over 3 years before we got together in January 2015.

Since we have been to Paris, which remains my favourite city, been to several family events, fallen madly in love and become the best of friends. A year after getting together we signed the papers to a mortgage and purchased our very first home.

Whilst we try and decide what curtains to hang and pictures to buy, we are being quizzed about the future – hmmmmmmm. 

Forward thinking has been on my mind over the last couple of weeks, and whilst I ponder on what exactly it may entail, I build my pinterest wedding board, toy with barn conversions for a future home and how helpful a Volvo will be once sprogs are in the picture. 

Am I the only one future thinking?
Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday, and have a even better Sunday!

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