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Home | A Lamp

My gosh isn’t this weather just devine!! This weekend went farrrr too quickly as per, yet we spent it wisely buying yet more items for our apartment!

Last week our beloved yet rather shabby looking standing light blew, tripping all the electrics, and ultimately leaving us light less in the living room.

Having lived a week without, we were pretty desperate to replace – who knew living without a lamp would be so hard! 
Upon visiting a one off store we barely consider when shopping for our home needs, we stumbled upon this gorgeous lamp, and well I fell in love!

We are often looking for items that will tie into our colour scheme but tie in both modern and classic feels. Since we have dark flooring and white wash walls, I’m desperate to have the dark colour feed up in the furniture and furnishings, and this lamp does just that.

Its fairly apartment living like don’t you think? I love you opinions and thoughts, so please drop me a comment below.

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