How to spend your summer in the UK

How to spend your summer in the UK

I can’t believe it, but it looks like this year I won’t be lucky enough to venture to some exotic island for some sun and cocktails whilst watching my skin turn a sultry shade of brown *sad face*.

I am a sun worshiper, so the idea of a further 12 months before possibly sinking my toes into some white sand and smelling the sweet sweet smell of after sun is quiet simply shocking.

But, money is being spent elsewhere, and why fly somewhere for sun when sometimes, just sometimes, the UK gets a nice bout itself.

Since my last post on everywhere I wouldn’t mind visiting, I thought I’d post a little something that can make your summer feel like you’ve crammed so much in this summer you wonder how you managed it!
1: Short weekends away. They’re perfect getaways from the bustle of home life and can give you that much needed rest bite and space from work, family and even friends. In the height of summer a cabin with local walks, bike rides and glorious sunshine are the perfect mix for a great weekend away.

2: Sightseeing. Whether its in your own town, local city or the capital, we Brits don’t see much of what we really have to offer. Visit your local museum, zoo or even wander round a village you have always driven through but never stopped – its a great way to see your own home and feel like your away all at the same time.

3: Long walks & Bike Rides. My boyfriend will probably laugh at this one, since I don’t like venturing out in the fresh air much, especially if there is a episode or two of Keeping up with the Kardashians to catch up on.  But walks and bike rides in the peak of summer is the perfect cure for a Koppenburg hangover.

4: Theme Parks. There’s something about going on rides, queuing in the sun and slurping on slushies. Whats best when they’re only a short drive from home, and can be explored all summer round.
I love nothing better than short trips to Thorpe Park and those alike in the summer with friends and family. Whatever the weather its a real crowd pleaser and is often a highlight of summer weekends.

5: BBQs & Picnics. Evenings spent in the low sun with burgers sizzling on the BBQ is a real summer feeling. If you’re not lucky enough to have your own area for even a disposable BBQ, there is always the happy and usually healthy alternative that is a Picnic.

I am so excited for this summer, especially now I have my own space. I am determined to explore a lot more this year, and experience more in the great British countryside! How do you spend your summer? Have I missed something I should be doing this summer? Let me know and comment below!

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