Squat and brush – exercise whilst getting ready

Squat and brush – exercise whilst getting ready

What if I told you that you don’t have to dedicate yourself to exercise, to fit your workout into your day.

We girls have farrrrr too much going on sometimes that it simply isn’t viable to do everything, as well as squeeze in that much needed work out. But there is a way to do both! Simply incorporating some key moves into your morning & evening routine, you’ll be working out with out even realising it!

SQUAT & Brush your teeth. I often loose count but who cares. Its a easy way to get two things done at once and a nifty way to focus on something else whilst your legs burn. Its a sure fire way to get that bum and leg workout done before work or bed!

Walking Lunges from room to room.  I try and do this when my boyfriend isn’t around, as its a little hard to explain, but again its a great way to get that workout on your bums and legs whilst simply going where you usually do.

Twist and apply. Whether your powdering your nose, applying foundation or drying your hair, the tummy twists are a great burner whilst doing the odd things. Its even good whilst drying your hair!

Worktop push ups. Your toast might be browning, your kettle might be boiling, or your nails might be drying. Whatever the situation, use it wisely and work those upper arms and body, just be careful of your surroundings!

Trial these in your own home, whether before work or jumping into bed. I’m sure you’ll forget you’re even working out once you get into the swing of things.

Do you have any simple multi-tasking tricks that could be added to this list? Let me know and comment below.

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