Weekly update – Being a bridesmaid

Weekly update –  Being a bridesmaid

Hello you beautiful things,

Just want to point to the sky and say wow. This weather in the South has just been emotional – anyone would think its on its period. Rain, sleet, sun and fog. I really don’t know what to pull out of my wardrobe in a morning.
I just keep it safe and wear dresses, encase the sun decides to show its face, even if its for a funny five mins.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being one of my best friends Bridesmaids. I haven’t been a bridesmaid since a toddler, so as you can imagine I was a little out of touch on the whole thing. I didn’t know what to expect and what my role would entail, but I managed to do everything that was asked, including trying to look pretty, which I kinda managed until I got drunk – soz!
But seeing one of my best friends making a huge commitment got me all gooey inside, shedding tears and well blubbering like a baby.

I will be honest when I say, walking down the isle in front of a load of people I don’t know, and wearing a dress that would look so much better on me if I stuck to my poxy diet didn’t really thrill me and in fact made me rather nervous for the whole thing. But once the ‘I do’s’ were said and the wine was on the table, I remembered how much I love weddings.

I seem to be at the age where all around me friends and family are making commitments, getting married and having babies and I’m, well watering my plant!

Being a bridesmaid has secured some ideas for my future, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to walk down the isle – everything is so expensive and stressful!

Have you been a bridesmaid? Maybe you’re planning your wedding? I love having a chat so please comment below!

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