Weekly Update – Hungry

Weekly Update – Hungry


I’m sitting here, at home, thinking of all the food I would love to stuff into my face, however in doing so will just completely undo any hard work I have put into food preparing and eating healthy.

Why can’t I be a super slim, tall lass with the added bonus of eating whatever crap I want without adding a ounce of fat onto my tum?????????? Urgh!

You might understand where this little update is going, but the jiist of it is : I’m on a poxy diet and I’m fed up of feeling bloody hungry!!

Gone are the days of eating a whole Dairy Milk bar, or scoffing my favorite flavor of Walkers Sensations. Dinners come with a side helping of salad, and lunch is either fruit or pasta and salad.

It’s not that I don’t even like salad, or fruit or any of the diet-friendly snacks I have been enduring for the last couple of weeks, but my god just give me some good chocolate or a unhealthy helping to chocolate custard and I’ll be smitten.

In other news, apart from being hungry and slightly mood when said hungry, I have been busy buying plenty for the apartment, including mirrors. Who knew they would be so bloody expensive!!!
We have stocked up on more home goodies including gorgeous ornaments, pictures, rugs and more. Be sure to keep updated as I will be posting a home haul post once the purchasing slows down just a little.

I have also taken a giant leap and decided to come of my safety net that is my pill. Having been on the pill for nearly ten years, I decided it was time to kick it. I was fed up of taking something every day, and feeling the full effect of hormones. It’s been a while, but I am finally feeling more human and less hormonal than ever. No longer am I crying at pointless crap, nor feeling pissed off or annoyed despite the fact I have no idea why! I am laughing when I hadn’t before, and feeling far more relaxed which is such a nice feeling. I’m thinking a blog post will follow!

OH, and in case you forgot, we have another bank holiday weekend here in the UK thank the lord. I plan to sleep my way to happiness, as I rarely get the opportunity to sleep in two days in a row, as well as enjoy some sunshine that I hope comes my way!

What are your plans this weekend? Got any tips to harbor my food moods?  Let me know and comment below.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

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