A Social Detox

I have had a real hard look at myself in the imaginary mirror and realised I need to take a detox. A social detox.

I spend far too much time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, that sometimes I do it without even realising.  Whilst the social world is great and all, there comes a time where enough is enough and I really should pull my face out of my phone and take a look at the real world.
It’s pretty obvious, but we are obsessed with capturing everything. In a society which posts videos and pictures instantly to our friends and family and everyone else, we are always on the look out for the perfect picture to Instagram or video to vine.

Of course, I like to have a ‘pretty’ feed on my Instagram account, but for god’s sake, does that mean I have to wait 5 mins to tuck into my scrumptious American pancakes that are drizzled in maple syrup because I want to take the ideal flat lay? Nahhhhh.

It was only when my boyfriend said in a sarcastic manner regarding these little ‘wait lemme take a picture’  panic attacks that I realised I have become utterly obsessed.

So, I am taking a stand and will embark on a social media detox. Of course, I’m not coming off completely, but weening myself off it, like a baby coming off a dummy.

I have already taken a little back step on the Instagram front, as you may have noticed, and snap chat is a little off my radar unless something truly worth a 10sec clip pops up.

Facebook, however, is a little harder. Whilst I don’t publish regular status’, pictures nor anything else, it will be a whole lot harder to curb the endless scrolling through Jeremy Kyle style posts and pictures of babies.
Twitter will be the hardest. It’s just so informative and what better way to find out what I should be watching the checking the trending list? It’s the new TV guide!

So what’s my plan? Well……..

Stop the notifications. They’re a pain in the arse anyway.

Delete messenger. No, I don’t want to be available all day every day to every facebook friend!

Restrict Facebook to small intervals. No longer is 30mins scrolling time acceptable. 10min bursts only. 

Keep off my phone around others. No only is it anti-social, but it hurts my neck! 

It’s not bedtime reading. If I’m in bed, my phone will be on charge!

Stop heading for my phone in a good situation. Whether at a nice place, in a new experience or having good weather, I must stop taking snaps and just enjoy it!

Just watch tv and not talk about it. It only gives away spoilers and distracts you anyway!

No plan is set in stone and no doubt I will be tweaking and adding some well-needed rules to curb my social media obsession. I worry for the amount of us that hang our heads in iPads and mobile phones, rather than pay attention to those around us and the world around us.

Are you in need of a social detox? 
Anything I need to add to my plan? 
Let me know and comment below! 

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