Home | Get a new look in your home for half the price

Home | Get a new look in your home for half the price

I know home improvement and inspo has been a regular topic on my blog of late, and to be honest, I have a feeling its going to become a regular feature of my blog.
This post is focusing on how you can give your home / bedroom or a room a new lease of life for a fraction of the cost you think it might be.

A new design to a room doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, neither is it as trendy to have all new furniture and furnishings. The rustic feel or the old style furnishings are second hand loves to some people, meaning you’re in luck!

All you’ll need is a little creativity, a open mind and a touch of patience and you could pick up some real bargains that could become staples in your home.

Head to charity shops & second hand furniture stores.
There is so much stigma attached to second hand objects, but who gives a shit. You can find sooo much in your local charity shop or donation center. Old style coffee tables, console tables, dining tables, bookcases, mirrors, pictures, tea cups. Pretty much anything you can think of can be found. Small items like these can add so much character into your home, with a sense of history.
The prices for some of these items can be nearly half the price you’d pay for a brand new object from the Argos catalog or IKEA.

Keep an eye on your Facebook selling groups
Another mans trash is another mans treasure, literally. There are so many things that can be found locally and with everyone being lazy and using social media to flog their goods, its super easy to nab them when they come up. You can even create notifications for posts that contain a keyword, like a sofa, table or tv.

If you’re not really one for up-cycling, or you want a fresher look that second-hand furniture won’t give you, there is no better place to shop than IKEA. Their range is superb and their prices are rock bottom. They’re the best for all furniture as well as anything else you might need. Artificial plants, candles, and pictures are always a good buy.

Its not the bestttt way to get new furniture, but when you’re starting a new home, or in desperate need for a replacement, it is a good way to go. With monthly payments, and most companies offering interest-free, its a great way to get good furniture at an easy re-payment rate.

Remember to keep an eye out in all your local supermarkets too. Asda and Sainsburys have great home pieces at reasonable prices, so its easy to keep an eye out when doing your weekly shop.

Other fav home ware departments of mine include: 
Primark, The Range, TKMax, Matalan and H&M Home.
Where do you pick up your home wares? Got any tips for sprucing up your home on a budget? I read every comment so why not leave me on! 

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