Lifestyle | Giving up shopping

Lifestyle | Giving up shopping

I have a addiction. I will shop shop shop and am not afraid to admit it. Like many I will trawl through my favourite online websites, pop new jeans, shirts, blouses and shoes I simply don’t need into a imaginary basket.

Some times I purchase and if my bank account is lucky enough I won’t! I have decided though that I really do have to kick this habit, despite wanting or feeling like I need a beige blouse that I already have – opps. 

So if you’re like me, and spend farrrrr too much on clothes that you
already have, just a few seasons senior, than you may want to follow
some steps im enduring now.  

Wear more often.
I have plenty of outfits that have had a one day outing, even though I adore that dress, jumpsuit or jeans and blouse assemble.  I really should dig out those treasured pieces and make a effort to wear them, and thats what I hope to do.

Those boot cuts may not be in fashion at the mo, but they could make some gorgeous denim shorts. I may have got some pen on one leg, but making a rip here and there will not only cover up the mark, but upcycle to a ripped jean, a fashion staple this season.

There are so many  outfit ideas that can suit and encorporate key pieces that can be found in any wardrobe. I plan to turn the time I usually spend hunting for new clothes, and much rather on ideas on those I already have.

The fashion cycle. 
The amount of times I have bought something, it go out of fashion, and see it return better than ever. So yes keep those white jeans, midi skirts, peplum tops and more. I guarentee you’ll see them return and you’ll be bloody glad you won’t have to buy them again.

Keep it casual. 
I find the worst thing of all is that I feel slobby if im in my beloved boyfriend t-shirt, skinny jeans and converse. It may sound like it could be pinterest worthy, but somehow it just doesn’t work for me, yet if I saw another women wearing the exact outfit I’d probaly ask where it was all from. Its okay to be casual, tomboy and comfy some days if not all days of the week. Why do I feel the need to look hip, trendy and attractive every day if only popping out to get Ben & Jerrys.

Buy if you have to. 
I don’t have the off the shoulder tops that were last around 10 years ago, so yes if I want to team with some denim shorts, I will need to buy new. Buying when you don’t have at all is already supporting my purse better, since the replicas are no longer in the basket!  

All in all, my clothing splurges have come to a end. I can’t say I won’t buy occassional new bra, pack of thongs or replace the black vest top that I really don’t know what I would do without, but I will stop my compulsive trips to my favourite highstreet shops to buy the shirt I already own, just its got a sequin or too to bring it up to season. 
I love keeping up to date with my style and fashion, but I need to reach into my wardrobe before heading into my pocket first to see if I couldn’t upcycle or style better.
Are you thinking of kicking you shopping habit? 
Have you got any tips for a shopaholic?
Let me know and comment below.

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