Lifestyle | My week in food

Lifestyle | My week in food

Since vowing to eat better, and it hasn’t been working out so well, I thought I’d share my week in food with you lovelies. Not only is it a good chance to share recipes but will also make me think twice  about snacking on a whole bag of M&Ms.

It’s Sunday night and I am settling down for a chilled night in front of the TV. I hate Sunday evenings and I hate it, even more, when I recap on a week’s worth of food that itself would make me 10 stone heavier.
Sunday – No Breakfast and a meal deal for lunch – whopps. It was a late one for me and boo as we spent the evening around parents gossiping and catching up for Fathers Day. It was an oven meal consisting of Chicken Kieves and wedges. Let’s just scratch that one out shall we?

Monday – Cornflakes and tea nice and early before work is always a good pick me up. Lunch was muesli, fruit and yogurt as well as some crackerbread, hummus and some cherry tomatoes. Probably not enough but since I had so many viewings, lunch was not on the agenda.
Dinner was Spag bowl with a homemade sauce that boo just adores – just call me Jamie Oliver! 

Tuesday – It was a day off so that just spells disaster. Cornflakes for breakfast. Cheese and crackers for lunch with half a packet of sensations and a KitKat chunky for the sweet feels.
Dinner was more pasta – carbonara with mushrooms and smokey bacon. We even had pudding – light rice pudding topped with jam – mmmm. 

Wednesday – Back to work so cornflakes it was. Lunch again was my muesli, fruit and yogurt. I managed a fruit bake too and a nice pot of jelly which was so refreshing. I wasn’t as organised as I had hoped that morning, and ended up making fajitas, a personal fav! Pudding included a chocolate eclair filled to the brim of delicious fresh cream and perfect to give me a huge heart attack!

Thursday –Notice my routine. Cornflakes for breakfast. Muesli, fruit and yogurt for lunch. Switched it up, had some fruit bakes too and a packet of crisps – they were sunbites so not as bad as it sounds! Dinner consisted of Quiche paired with a loaded salad. There was no pudding since I’m panicking about my weight.

Friday – Cornflakes for breakfast. Muesli, fruit and yogurt for lunch. Anddd then it was for something super easy and simple since it was Friday night and I was not in the mood for cooking.

Saturday – For once I had a day off on a Saturday!! No breakfast and lunch was a late one thanks to completely cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. A cheesy, garlic flatbread with plenty of ketchup. Naughty naughty. Dinner was lasagna, salad and garlic bread. Pudding was 1 scoop of sweet chocolate ice cream!

Today –  Today today today. Well cornflakes for breakfast- usual, lunch was cheese toasties with tikka chicken, of course with mayo. Again I was lazy and quiche with salad was the obvious choice. Pretty nice considering the weather has been rather warm today, and sometimes you just don’t want to eat something hot!

Looking back, my week of food hasn’t been soooo bad but not great! I’m not sure how exciting this has been for your guys, but as of next week when I start my week in better eating according to Joe Wicks Lean in 15, so hopefully it’ll be much much better.

Lemme know what you think and comment below. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! 

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