Weekly Update- Buying a new car and feeling sick

Weekly Update- Buying a new car and feeling sick

Have you ever had that moment when you think, holy s**t, am I doing the right thing? You get butterflies and feel like you could cry at any given moment as everything fizzles in your brain and you try to sort it all out in like 10 seconds.

That’s the feeling I got as I sat in the car dealership being faced with taking the amazing deal or risking not having the car I and my boyfriend so desperately wanted.
We left after having signed papers, and I felt physically sick. Literally, I could’ve thrown up there and then. It’s the feeling of the unknown – much like the bloody EU Ref, and the fear of doing the wrong thing and regretting it further down the line. Literally, just like the EU ref! 

 We took the plunge and signed ourselves to a brand new ford fiesta st. I have never in my life owned a new car, and to top it off I have never signed up for anything of that value other than my mortgage.

And I felt just like that then too.

But it’s alright. I spent 2hours in bed working out everything financially, and I mean everything. I ran through figures and targets and soon realised It was achievable and I felt the weight lift from my shoulders.


So now I can say, I am excited!! Obviously, there is still a little flutter that I may have got my figures all wrong, but I can say I’ve been through it all so many times, I’m pretty sure It’s all alright. It should arrive early next week, so I’m sure I’ll snap a little on my snap chat!

In other news that everyone has heard about is the EU ref. I’m not going to go in too much depth, but I will tell you I’m disappointed. I voted In and I really had hoped we would remain. Whilst the prospect of ‘Freedom’ I can’t help but feel it’s not going to be as green on the other side as many had hoped.

I’ll leave my thoughts there since I’m not looking for a debate. It seems everything other than what I have mentioned was a little mellow compared.

Have you ever been worried over your decisions? 
Put so much money aside its sickening? 
Start some chatter and comment below!

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