Weekly Update – Hard work & Pop tarts

Weekly Update – Hard work & Pop tarts

Its Tuesday, im in sloutchies at half two in the afternoon, eating Pop Tarts and watching Titanic. I will say there aren’t enough days where I get to do what I truly want – be an absolute slob!!

I am happy to announce on the other hand the curtains are up and once again there have been many more purchases for the apartment. Yayyy! The amount we ‘have to buy’ is whittling down slowly but surely which fills me with pure joy. I love buying the practical things, but boy am I excited for the time when all I want or need to buy are more blankets, cushions and tea cups! Be sure to keep eyes peeled. Im pretty sure I will be posting a home tour soon enough.

In my last weekly update I had started a ‘diet’ of some kind. We lets just say that lasted not long at all, but I have since started a healthier lifestyle. I am not a fan of quick fix diets to lose weight quickly. Whilst I would like to be a few stone lighter this summer, I don’t have anything I am desperate to squeeze into for a holiday nor a massive occasion, so this is prime time to do it properly.

I have some friends that are using cook books and reciepes for their dinners and that alone has lost them weight and put them a healthier path. I have ordered said cook books and plan over the next couple of weeks to try most of the recipes for myself, so stay tuned for a review!

I’ve also been pill free for well over a month and half and feeling the full effects. Whilst my appetite hasn’t changed sadly, I have been far more relaxed and happier in myself. My body feels great and bloats a lot less. My skin, although it irrupted like a pubescent teenager seems to have settled a lot more, and now only needs sudocream to keep it at bay. I don’t seem to have much energy at the moment, but I put that down to the chocolate I eat rather than the fruit I should – opps. 

A lot of friends have been asking how its all been and if it has been for the better, so I am really tempted to reveal all in a post of some description. Many seem worried and skeptical and there really is no need too. 

Soz if its a little boring this update, not much happens in my little life. If only I was a little more glamourous ayyy!

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