Lifestyle | What to do instead of watching the Euros.

Lifestyle | What to do instead of watching the Euros.

I’m probably not the only girlfriend out there that is being tortured with the Euros over the next couple of weeks. To say I’m dreading it would be a under statment.

Football would not be my sport of choice to watch nor play and yet I hear commentators and the refs whistle now more than ever. Oh the cons of living with a boy!! I don’t like to watch anything thats an hour and a half without something either making me squirm, cry or on the edge of my seat with fear / terror or drama. Non of which football gives me, unfortunatley.

So in pure spirit of wanting to do anything than watch muppets push a ball round a pitch, I thought I’d blog some cute ideas that will pass the time whilst your boyfriends attention is purely on the tv!


I have been a little drifed from my beloved blog as of late, but since I will have plenty of evenings free for my own enjoyment, blogging may be a little more accessible.


You can’t bo on the web and not shopping right? Rinse the time you have to scroll and add to your basket whilst you can right?

3: PIN

Top up that wedding board. Research your next hair do. Brainstorm your next nail trip. The possibilities are endless when your without the distraction of boo.


Ofcourse he can watch it on the 60″ in the living room. The bedroom TV has Netflix anyway and ill be surrounded by duvets and pillows, the perfect setting for endless Gossip Girl and twitter chats. Sounds perfect right?


I don’t get much time to slap some varnish on my toes, since the boyfriend moans about the smell and my incapability to walk after. Well considering he’ll be brainwashed by the football, he won’t even notice the waft from my Bus red little bottle.

I do love my boyfriend, but my oh my, the football can be pain stakingly long, boring and a over all headache. 
I will make it as worth while as possible….hopefully. 

Do you have any tips for getting through the Euros? 

Something I’m missing? 

Lemme know and comment below. 

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