My very real experience of coming off the pill- After 10 years!

Periods, the pill. It doesn’t seem like an open, honest conversation many of us women seem to have. And yet, many of us have the same experiences as each other without even realizing. After feeling alone in battling periods and the pill, I made the decision to share my experiences and my decision to come off the pill.

I had been on it for nearing 9 years. It was controlling my hormones and completely diminishing my periods all together, but for other reasons than limiting the possibility of pregnancy.

My struggles of menstruation started at 13 years old. My periods were heavy, painful and long. It was so distressing, I was put on the pill to help manage and altogether stop my periods. Ultimately, I went 5 years without experiencing one!

Whilst it sounds idyllic, in all honesty, it wasn’t. I had been on every pill possible, after suffering constant migraines with the very real risk of stroke. But I eventually found one that worked for me. Until after 3 years, it started to fail, with sudden and rather inconvenient bursts of periods.

Despite my doctors best efforts to put me onto other contraceptive options – including the coil and implant, I decided enough was enough. I was going to come off my safety net that is the pill. At 22 and having spent nearly a decade on a pill that controls hormones, emotions, moods, appetite and weight, I was rather nervous on what to expect.

But you know what, it was rather liberating.

To cry because I was generally upset rather than the poxy hormones having a kick at it.
To laugh because I’m not so moody or uptight about the most ridiculous of situations.
To feel human and not a Tasmanian devil ready to erupt at any given moment! 
To be a women.

It may sound all a little melodramatic and to be honest I didn’t think coming off one tiny pill would have such effect on me, but surprisingly it has. Of course, I had hoped my my appetite would fall to minus and my body would resemble a model, but yano you can’t have it all!

Despite the obvious cons of being off the pill ( periods, hormones, turbulent skin, weight gain and more ), I don’t regret a single thing.

I know many women who have expressed the same fears I had when considering ditching the pill, and we are always lead to believe that being on it, is better than the risk we take when not on it. But please don’t let that stop you. I have never felt more myself than I do now.