Lifestyle | Coming off the pill

Lifestyle | Coming off the pill

I have shared over the last couple of weeks my decision to come off the pill after 9 years under its wing. I have had a troublesome ride when it comes to the burden of being a women. Having started wayyyy to early and some quick hormone treatment at 8 years old, it seemed to have messed me up good an proper!
Hitting 13 I became a normal teenager with pretty distressing times, and was put on the pill to calm things down and make it fairly manageable. However regular, scheduled periods were a no go for me, ending in 5 years without experiencing one at all!

Sounds idyllic, but it really wasn’t. Having been on nearly every other pill possible I finally found one that stuck, and then unstuck 3 years later. I’m in a kinda happy medium but can suffer sudden and rather inconvenient bursts of periods

So the time had come where I had to just bite the bullet and come off my safety net that is the pill. At 22 and having spent nearly a decade on a pill that controls hormones, emotions, moods, appetite and weight, I was rather nervous on what to expect.

But you know what, it was rather liberating.

To cry because I was generally upset rather than the poxy hormones having a kick at it.
To laugh because I’m not so moody or uptight about the most ridiculous of situations.
To feel human and not a Tasmanian devil ready to erupt at any given moment! 
To be a women.

It may sound all a little melodramatic and to be honest I didn’t think coming off one tiny pill would have such effect on me. I will admit I was rather hoping my appetite would fall to minus and my body would resemble a model, but yano you can’t have it all!

Whilst being pill free and feeling a whole lot better for it, there can be some cons, including regular periods, stomach cramps and all the faff of contraception. I can’t say I’m annoyed since I knew of course what would entail a pill free life.

And yet I don’t regret a single thing.

If you’re considering a simpler life without a small little pill to help, then do it. I have never felt better for it. I feel in control of my body and even though I’ve realised I should probably lose a little bit of my tum, it’s all alright. 

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