Food | Cupboard essentials to make sure you never starve

Food | Cupboard essentials to make sure you never starve

There have been many occasions whereby the thought of dragging a trolley round a super market really doesn’t please me and I’d much rather sloth on a couch watching endless episodes of friends.

Yet, its always the exact time you don’t want to go, you really have to simply because you have no food left and staying in would most defiantly result in starving.

To top it all off, you have odds and sods that you really can’t do anything with to make any substantial enough. So, I’ve conducted a list of essentials that you need in your cupboard so you don’t have to go shopping if you don’t want, and well you won’t starve!
Pasta. It is life. I have mentioned that before. You cannot live without it and you cannot sustain with out it. If this is in your cupboard, have no fear of starving to death because it can be teamed with anything or left bare, and it still won’t taste crap and you will most defiantly be full after a bowl, or two!

Tinned hotdogs. They’ve been a lifesaver on many occasions and whats even better is if I have these and pasta in my cupboard, I have hot dog pasta and oh my that is delish! If you don’t have pasta, hot dogs and loads of ketchup and just as good – or all three and you practically have a restaurant worthy dish!

Cereal. I honestly don’t see the problem in eating cereal in a afternoon or even a evening. Cereal can be the right substance to fill that empty void in your tummy. Have plenty to hand whether it be for a midnight snack after clubbing, or you dinner – I’m not here to judge!

Long life milk. This makes it easier for that late night snack you hadn’t quiet anticipated. Nothing worse than gearing yourself up for a nice bowl of crunchy corn flakes, open the fridge and BAM – NO MILK. Kill the chances of that happening with long-life. It’ll be worth it I promise!

Beans. They go with anything and everything! Toast, eggs, bacon, sausages – breakfast. If you’re out of any of those, well at least you have beans right!

Frozen Bread. Pretty sure you can’t buy frozen bread, but at some point just freeze that half you know you will never eat before it dies. Defrost easily and its the perfect sidekick for cheese, beans, bacon, sausages, ham, chicken. Pretty much anything, the possibilities are truly endless.

Eggs. Omlette, eggs on toast, cakes, poached eggs, hard boiled eggs, dippy eggs! Again the possibilities are endless, and eggs will be a lifesaver when you have nothing else.

If you have nothing else than these in your cupboard I’m pretty sure you’ll make it through the night before you’ll have to go a supermarket because lets be honest, you won’t want to eat any of these nights in nights out! 
Have I missed anything that should be on this list? Let me know, start some chatter and I’ll be sure to message back!

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