Lifestyle | Dust over the Marriage comments

Lifestyle | Dust over the Marriage comments

It can be pretty tough being in a relationship and being asked non stop your plans for the future and if ‘they’re the one’. Especially when it seems everyone around you is taking the big step and committing to the ‘I do’s’.

Whilst the big day is something every girl dreams and thinks about, its pretty hard to answer any questions without either being over the top, seeming disinterested or bloddy rude! Since I have been enduring the question for a good couple of months after friends and family announce engagements, I’ve become a little better at glazing over the question.
Plunging into marriage before the time is right can really add a strain on any relationship, and so can the pressure of marriage itself. So whilst enduring the poking around and ambiguous questions over the uncertain future, just remember its not expected and just because everyone else is, it doesn’t mean you have to.

Don’t get too cagey if asked. It might be your instant response but it doesn’t look so good. It may not be something you’ve thought or considered, so be honest.

Do talk to your partner. Let them know what’s going on if you really are getting badgered with hints and questions.

Don’t let it take its toll on your relationship. Parents and family quizzing and being nosy is no sign on what is expected or what you should be thinking about right now.

Do take the positives. Those who are quizzing and poking around are only showing a interest and obviously have a positive look on your relationship. Take it with a pinch of salt.

Don’t feel that you can’t answer the question or talk about marriage. It is hard finding the fine line between hints and just conversation. You can talk about what you expect at your wedding, and no it’s not a sign you are thinking too far ahead or jumping the gun.

Do keep your cool. Its not as big as it may seem if family are thinking about it and you may have not. Its not always a sign of your partners mindset and can just be a way for friends and family to grasp the true reality of your relationship.

None of this is gospel, but I have found it really difficult some times when answering those tricky, sticky questions without either freaking out, breaking down or running with my thoughts.

Do you get asked these questions a lot? 

How have you dealt with them? 

Let me know and comment below! 

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