Lifestyle | Get up later and be early!

Lifestyle | Get up later and be early!

I for one love my sleep. If I could, I would sleep for most of the time, only arising for a little bit of food and the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

But since I have got my bum into gear, I have managed to leave my bed later, and still be on time to work, and this is how!
Its all about being organised you see. Whilst I’m not the most organised in all areas, I am with anything that buys me extra time in the comfort of a warm duvet and a fluffy pillow. So here’s my routine that bags me that extra, much needed time in bed!

Pack lunch the night before. Pretty simple really. I cook my pasta or prepare my fruit and yogurt the night before, making sure its ready and waiting to grab and go the next morning. Its vital if like me you use frozen fruit, as it gives it time to defrost in the fridge before brekkie the next morning.

Showers in the evening. Controversial one, but I have turned into a night shower person, as its a ideal opportunity to let my hair dry naturally, and makes me go to bed feeling fresh and clean.

Plan your outfit. If you’re like me and have a office job which requires thought into you work wear, than this can be a real trouble maker in the morning and can turn any morning into a late one just by a outfit change! Plan the evening before and not only will you be stress free, but it’ll give you a extra 5mins in bed!

Multi-task. I have been known to try and multi-task as much as possible. I am eager to get things done and if it means brushing my teeth and lifting some weights then so be it. You can check out my multi-tasking post here , if you like.

Everything by the door. There is nothing worse than leaving some thing behind or running around to find car keys and your purse. Keep everything in a neat pile by your front door and you sure won’t forget anything.

Do you have any tips to get more organised before work? 

Anything you will try? 

Start some chatter and comment below! 

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