Lifestyle | Lessons I have learnt

Lifestyle | Lessons I have learnt

They say with age comes wisdom, and that’s certainly true. There are things that I have learnt over the last couple of years alone that have been the most valuable to date. Unfortunately we are human and the best way we learn is through mistakes and experiences, so here are a few, and many that I learnt the hard way.

  • Not everything is worth worrying about, you’ll only stress yourself out further. 
  • Never doubt yourself.
  • Don’t give up on your ambition to succeed, you will get there.
  • Being confident doesn’t come easy, it takes time. 
  • Be comfortable in yourself, no one else really matters.
  • Spend time with family and make the most of them whilst you have them. 
  • Your parents may stress you out, but its because they care. 
  • A smile goes a long way.
  • If you’re not happy in something, leave it, change it or work on it. There’s not enough time to be unhappy. 
  • Some times you have to follow your gut instinct. It can be right sometimes. 
  • Break-ups hurt but you’ll be okay in the end, promise. 
  • Having too much to drink is not always a bad thing. Drunk stories make great ones.
  • People are rude, and always will be. Don’t rise to their level.
  • Keep a calm persona and don’t take too much personally. 
  • Take risks on things. You only ever regret something you didn’t try. 
  • Spontinuity is actually quiet fun once in a while. 
  • Never cut your own hair, leave it to the professionals. 
  • Cheap isn’t always cheerful.
  • Going to university doesn’t guarantee you a well paid job. 
  • You won’t be good at everything and that’s okay. 
  • No one has the right to say you can’t do something. 
  • Things can take time, just let it.
  • Curb your impatience, it only gets you in a pickle. 
  • Don’t be sucked into office gossip, you may get stung!
  • You’ll always have rolls when you sit down, doesn’t matter how many crunches you do.
  • Pictures can be deceiving – its not always what you see.   
  • Stick your head in a book to escape – childhood favs always put me in a calm mood. 
  • Men are hard to live with, its just their biology. 
  • Money is not the key to happiness, however it can get you some good damn clothes! 
I’m pretty sure these aren’t the only things I have learnt over my 22 years, heck I know it isn’t. But im pretty sure these are some things I would have liked to have learnt a little earlier and probably need to print and stick some where to remember when having a tough day or a emotional time.

Do you have any wise words of wisdom I should try and live by ? Do you have a list of your own? 

Let me know and start some natter in the comments below. 

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