Lifestyle | Dealing with stress

Lifestyle | Dealing with stress

Hello lovelies,

Its the start of another week and most defiantly the start of a stressful week, or so we think.

Stress is a normal part of working life, but you have to deal with it in the right way. Although throwing your phone might seem like the perfect solution, sadly it is not, but don’t worry, I have other solutions.
Deal with the situation when it arrives. Take some deep breathes and breathe. Try and remove yourself from the stressful situation and approach in a calm way. Assess the situation, and brainstorm a way to sort the issue and to deal with it in a easy effective way.

Eat well.  Taking care of your body is a easy way to combat stress levels. Eat well and keep active to refrain from too much stress. Going for a run, or going to a kick boxing class can be a great way to relieve any pent up energy.

Be mindful. Try and take your mind off any stress. Colouring books are a brilliant way to de-stress and divert your mind from the stresses of work life. Playing a video game or indulging in a box can also be a brilliant tool to divert your attention onto something less involved.

Be emotional if you need to. Don’t be afraid to let it all go. Its okay to cry under strain and stress, you’re only human after all. Call on friends and family for help, or just a coffee and chat to unload your worries and woes.

Remember, it will pass. Stress is mostly a short term thing. There is something that is taking tremendous strain on you and your body, find it, fix it and the stress will subside. Remind yourself it won’t be like this forever. If something keeps triggering your stress levels, really evaluate the situation and look to change it long term and for the better.

Have you got any sure fire ways to combat stress? 
Find yourself getting stressed wayyyy too much? 
Start some natter and comment below! 

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