Home | Painting a blank canvas

Home | Painting a blank canvas

A new home is full of excitement and prospect. Its even better when its blank all over leaving you with space to really put your own stamp on it. That’s whats happened with our new home. Being a new build, everything is white, and whilst that seemed to work for the first couple of months, the lack of colours and personality in our home is really starting to show.
With that in mind, me and bae have decided its prime time to put our stamp on the place, and on the walls!!

With tall ceilings and fresh furniture, bold colours, wall paper and a high finish is something our property is crying out for!

So over the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at some trend setters in the decoration department, and see if its something we can incorporate in to our new home.

Something we are loving recently is the brick effect wall paper. With our high ceilings and contemporary feel, it could be something that could really add personality and style to our home. Plus it saves on actually painting, although we are looking to paint the rest of the room.

These brick effect wallpapers really do look gorgeous in kitchen areas, and with our butcher block worktops, it would be a perfect match. With a open plan kitchen / living & dining area, we really are looking for a accent wall that can distinguish the kitchen area, as well as tie all the areas together in colour and tone.

What do you think of Brick wallpapered accent walls? Is it something you would incorporate into your home? Or is there another style we should consider?

I love to hear your thoughts, so start some chatter and comment below!

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