Lifestyle | How my boyfriend motivates me

Lifestyle | How my boyfriend motivates me

Men can be pretty useful sometimes.


We’ve all had it tough with motivation from time to time. Stressed, stretched or exhausted. Whatever the matter it can take a real toll on the motivation to power through and carry on.

So its super handy when you have someone on hand that is ready to give you the kick up the bum, and the motivation you need to get out of your rut.

For me, that’s my boyfriend.

Obviously don’t tell him, and if you are reading this Ali, don’t feel soooo smug will ya!

Its not always something he says, but all the other things too.

You can do it. I believe in you’.
Pretty simple but effective. You know what I can do it, and when he believes I can, so do I!

Think of the future’ .
The prospect of work is often awful, but mostly more appealing when its highlighted what it gets us as a couple. A new lamp for the living room, or a ticket to some sunshine next April. The lil reminder is all I need some times to get my butt out that door and earning money for US!

 ‘If I can do it…’ 
I generally moan and lose all hope when either 1- something is not going the way I want it to, or 2- I have to do something I really want to do. Truth is, my boyfriend, most of the time, has been through the same, if not worst. So yeah as the saying goes, if he can do it, so can I too.

There is always something else. There will be a next time.’ 
Whenever something I desperately wanted slips from my fingers, or falls from reach, he soon makes me realise everything happens for a reason, and yes there will always be a next time or something else.

Even though my boyfriend hates it when I moan, complain I can’t be bothered and completely lose faith in myself, I’m only doing it so he can motivate me to go get, try harder and pick myself up.

Who is your motivator? 
What wise words help you from your rut? 
Start some chatter below! 

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