Beauty | The Lob – Time for a change?

Beauty | The Lob – Time for a change?

There comes a time when you just feel like you need a change and this time around it’s time my locks had a good seeing too.
It’s been a good couple of years since getting any type of trim, so it’s no surprise it’s in terrible condition and in dire need of some TLC.

No matter how many times I use deep moisture conditioner, hair masks or refrain from using heat, my hair has been on the decline since refusing to attend the hair dresser. I guess long hair does come with split ends!!

So, after finally facing the realisation that something needs to be done, my trusty friend that is Pinterest pointed me in the direction of the Lob.

I have seen many celebs sporting the new trend, and it’s got me inspired to cut inches off and highlight with caramel tones. Whilst cutting my hair shorter scares the bejesus out of me, I’m hoping the new style will give my hair a lift.

Have you had your hair cut recently? Got any advice for someone like me? Let me know and comment below!

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