Weekly Update – Sunlight

Weekly Update – Sunlight

There’s a bank holiday weekend and it looks like it could be bloody sunny for it too! To make things a little sweeter, I booked Tuesday and Wednesday off aswell. Sorry not sorry! 

Since its the last 3 day weekend for most of us until CHRISTMAS, I won’t be the only one looking to make it a cracking one.

Yeahh I worked yesterday, but I came home to a bunch of friends, cider and some laughs so it was all good in the hood. Plus points for the pizza waiting on the table too!!

But hang on, I haven’t done a weekly update for a long time so lemme rewind so I can catch you up on the last month or so.
Motivation has been at a all time low. Literally.

I want to be going somewhere exotic and soaking up some sun. But nooo, mortgages cost money and so do cars so that went out the window this summer.

So holiday time has been spent in clumps and splatters, resulting in many muggy days in the office, rather than weeks on end doing diddly squat beside a blue lagoon. Plus some weekends have been work free too, but has almost always rained *sigh*.

However, over the last month or so, me and bae have managed to do quiet a lot, ie have a spare room that is not a junk yard, and a IKEA trip that resulted in us buying what we actually wanted / needed rather than some random bits and bobs.

And so, these next few days off, and hopefully in the sunshine, can be pure bliss. Non effort required, drink as much cider, watch as many DVDs in one night bliss.

I can see the lay-ins and pj mornings lying right in front of me and it looks delish.

Overall, my week / month hasn’t be soo bad. The pure delight being the couple of days booked off for me and bae to spend some time together and enjoy the place we have built into our home.

Be aware, I may have to post some of my recent home buys, as my home is looking much more like the pinterest worthy one we so wanted!

What are your plans this weekend? 
Enjoying your 3 day weekend? 
Start some natter, I enjoy reading everyone of your comments.

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