Weekly Update – The day I got Engaged!!

This week has been crazy. Literally crazy.

Just last Wednesday, my boyfriend took me to a national park I had been so desperate to visit, and whilst I was being all touristy and taking pictures for Instagram, he was planning the perfect spot to ask me the big question.

It was so magical and perfect, and whilst I have been excited for this day to come, nothing prepared me for the overwhelming feeling that came with it.
Everything is still very much surreal, and the prospect of planning for my own very big day is nerving in its self. Its one thing pinning to a secret board for when it may come in handy, but it’s another actually looking into venues, prices and the general goings on for the day.

I feel like I’m on cloud nine, with excitement and pure joy, yet all the whilst wondering where the hell to start. Plenty of friends and family members bombarded me with questions and advice, spilling me into worry that I really need to get my butt into gear if I want a Autumn 2018 wedding.

And so there has been plenty of venue hunting, emailing and pricing. Whilst it may seem pretty soon, eager and keen, its known venues get snapped up early down here.

So whilst this is a short little update, I’m sure there will be plenty of future wedding style posts, and endless inspiration posts and those alike.

Are you planning a wedding? 
Have any advice for a newly engaged? 
Start some chatter and comment below.

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