Wedding | A month in.

Its just over a month since my gorgeous engagement ring found its way onto my finger and the whirlwind started of thinking and planning a wedding.

I never quiet knew how much was involved in planning one day, until I started looking at everything I would like to have on my special day.

Venue, food, decorations, flowers, cake , photographer, music, accommodation, dress, bridesmaids, groomsman, save the dates, invites, hair, make-up, stag do & hen do, oh gosh the list goes on and on!

My Pinterest boards have certainly grown considerably, and ideas are constantly bubbling around. I find myself going in spits and spouts of looking for inspiration, or looking into local venues, photographers, caterers and more.

We are pretty certain on what we want from our day, and when exactly that will be is still debatable. There are so many things to consider when looking at dates. Affordability is a massive factor for us, yet we also don’t want to have a mega long engagement. Whilst the season isn’t as important for us, we do want good weather, so the sunnier months are a must!

We have been to view a venue, after flicking through countless amounts of venue brochures and websites. With the venue needing particular aspects, there are only a few that have ticked all the boxes, and within seeing just one, we believe we have found THE venue – ekkkk! 

With soo much to go over, consider and organise, I am both excited and nervous for booking venues for sure, and actually setting things in stone.

The pressure to have a lovely day, and for everyone involved to enjoy themselves is pretty intense, and whilst I know its more about me and my fiance, you don’t want your guests to uncomfortable or worse, bored!

I will be posting Wedding posts on the run up every Wednesday – hopefully, not only for my own sanity, but just encase anyone else is just like me and not sure where the hell to start!!

Are you currently planning a wedding? 

Have any top tips? 

I appreciate all your comments so please start some chatter below!

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