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Its Wednesday again ( god thats gone quick!), and once again I’m talking weddings.

Encase you haven’t been keeping tabs, I recently got engaged, and with the excitement came my usual OCD of being mega organised. Within 5 days of being engaged, I had a file sorted and poly-pockets for every wedding venue brochure in a 20 mile radius of my home! 
Not only was it me being mega kean, but it was also me trying to stop myself panicking over the sheer expense and whether its even conceivable. I should have been enjoying my engagement yes, but now,  6 weeks later, I am mellow as ever because yes we can do what we would like (thank god!). 

There is no harm in being organised, especially on such a important and special day like you wedding. I am proof, its never too early to start looking and researching into your wedding. Whilst mine is set for 2018, I was conscious of how quick things can be booked up, and worried saving needed to start early, so a grasp on prices and budget was vital in the early stages. 
Have a planner . There are plenty of free printables online to create your own wedding file. They are really handy to dissect ideas and catergorise planning.  Pop in any wedding brochures you may pick up or be sent. All prices for a local florist , photographer or DJ. Its your go to handbook when planning all aspects. 
Talking budgets with your soon to be hubby, and what you can realistically afford is a must. There will be family members that are more than happy to pitch in, talk this over early so you can focus on aspects that fit your budget. There is nothing worse than looking before establishing a budget, as you may fall in love with something that simply is too expensive or not in your price range! 
Establish what you want from your day early on in the planning process. Outside wedding, inside, church and then reception venue, one venue for both. There are may options to create the perfect day, but what you want is the real question. 
Talk guest numbers is a very important factor when looking into prices and affordability. You don’t have to have the exact guest list, but a rough guide is vital when looking into the catering for the wedding breakfast.
Establish what you will DIY. There are many parts of your wedding you can do your self. Expensive center pieces, favors and invites can be re-created at a fraction of the cost. Figure out what you are prepared to do yourself. It will take time, but it can be a lot of fun and can take the pressure off cash wise. 
I will be posting individual posts on all these subjects, but in the early stages of planning, there are many aspects you need to consider when first thinking about your wedding.
Be organised early on and take the strain and stress off of organising your special day. 
Are you this organised? 

Do you have any tips on being organised for your wedding? 

Let me know and comment below!

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