Burfday Wishlist

Burfday Wishlist

There is only one good thing to come of turning twenty three next week and that’s presents. Not that I’m that materialistic, but the prospect of nice things makes it a little easier when thinking of getting old, you know what I mean.

What would be really helpful would be to know what I would like…..queue the Birthday wishlist!!!

Haven’t had a good read in bluddyyyy agessss so a couple of books I have been late to read are on my wishlist including Girl on the train. I have been envious of all those who have seen the film, but I’m a little old fashioned and will not see the movie until I have read the book.

New Look - Shoe Addition

Clothes & Shoes
Typical girl yes, but since a new job is just around the corner I’m eager to look super sassy and #girlboss style so a injection of new into my wardrobe would be ideal. Seriously wanting to up my style game since becoming mega lazy of late in the clothes department. Please await some outfit posts with some of my fave recent styles.

Christmas Perfume Selection

Whether its a Next fragrence, or another Thierry Mugler scent to add to the collection, I need some more perfumes to add abit of spice to my scent. I love perfume and I hate going a day without spritzing myself. It adds confidence don’t you think?  Above is my Birthday / Christmas ideal perfume re-boot I would love to add to my collection, hint hint nudge nudge.

So as usual I’m not asking for toooo much, and of course, with any November / December baby, nothing gained for Birthday, goes straight to the Christmas list. Convienient, I think so!

Something I should absolutly have on my birthday list? 

Anything here you’ve got on your wishlist? 

Start some natter below, I love reading all your comments. 

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