Wedding | How to set a budget .

Wedding | How to set a budget .

Its Wednesday and I’m talking budgets. Wedding Budgets.

Oh how we all wish we could have a endless flow of money and price wasn’t a issue for anything. But unfortunately many of us do have to be conscious with money and its the same when it comes to your wedding too.

They can be blown very very quickly if not keeping a close eye on what you are booking and committing to.
So what do you need to consider when thinking of your budget? Well not that much really, but it is something you need to think about realistically before committing to anything financially.

Are you getting any financial help?  Its a difficult question to ask yes, but speak to parents and family members to establish what help you will be receiving. This will help when looking at what you need to save.

What can you save a month? How much can you put aside to save for your big day. This is a huge indicator on what you can afford and ultimately the earliest time / date you can get married.

Wanting to get married by a specific date? How much you can save a month between now and 2 months before your preferred date gives you  your budget. Remember most suppliers will want the full payment two months before the big day.

Don’t over estimate how much you can save. If you over stretch your self and commit to too much financially, it will make this a bumpy and stressful ride.

 Do you have any tips on setting a wedding budget? 
What are your thoughts? 
Start some natter below. 

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