My November Goals

My November Goals

We are fully into November living and I am loving it!!!!

Here it starts with Christmas shopping and the pure excitement that comes with it. I am megaaaa excited this year, as its the first Christmas in our humble abode.

Whilst we haven’t bought a single Christmas decoration, its not through lack of trying – my fiance won’t let me, its too early he says! 

With November in full swing, I thought it may be a good time to set some November targets. I am a lazy girl and often put things off for days, weeks sometimes months at a time. The usual need to ring BT and cancel the useless call blocking service that blocks NO nuisance calls what so ever!

That kind of stuff, you know what I mean?


  • Wedding Save – The deposit is down and plans are underway. Its only a matter of time before more is needed for that all expensive dress – ekkkk! 
  • Design Wedding stationary – This is a working progress. I have made my very own simple design but I’m not sure how I feel about them. Since looking over expensive designed templates which don’t have exactly what I’m looking for, I decided it would be best to make my own. I do have a couple of designs, however I feel a bit more experimenting is in order. 
  • Blog More – Easily said than done, but blogging takes a 3rd possibly even 4th place in my life right now. Of course it can’t always take priority, but it does need to take more center stage. I feel so much better when I have taken my mind off of usual life and placed my mind within my blog.
  • Swim – I have quickly realised I HATE sweating whilst working out. Yer, sweat is fat crying blah blah blah. But I look like a wet toe and quiet honestly hideous after mildy working out because I’m that unfit. Swimming was a passion of mine and has been since a small person, and it eradicates the problem of sweating. I went a couple of times last week, dies a little but god it felt good. This needs to become a regular thing if I am in anyway going to look good in a fishtail wedding dress! 
  • Christmas shopping start – There are many people to buy for this year, and plenty of decorations to buy so will have to buy early. Really considering buying lots online, but I need to find a good hiding place within the apartment. How on earth am I going to hide anything from my fiance?
Whilst this may not seem like many goals, for a lazy girl who would prefer to hibernate when not at work and earning money, this does seem like a hefty amount. Wish me luck, you’ll be sure to know how it went in my December Goals post! 
Do you have any November Goals? 

Have any advice for my goals? 

As always start some chatter, I love reading all my comments. 

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